EMI/EMC, Capabilities and Facilities

EMI tests and EMC tests, as well as comprehensive design support of circuit cards, modules, equipment, subsystems, systems, and facilities are available though our partnership with Northrop Grumman. Tests are done in the laboratory or in the field. Our test facility in Sacramento (McClellan), California is conveniently located near the Silicon Valley. Electromagnetic surveys of a system or an entire facility can also be done at customer facilities. Name virtually any requirement for electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility and we can meet it - with reliable results.

Full Service Test Laboratory

Our new test laboratory features two shielded enclosures with filtered, regulated power to suit almost any need for U.S. or European household current, or aircraft AC/DC power. See the accompanying figure indicating the facility layout. The large test chamberis semi-anechoic and capable of doing commercial (e.g. FCC and EN) EMI tests at 3-meter and 5-meter distances to over 18 GHz in frequency. It features a 3-meter diameter turntable and 1 to 4-meter (elevation) antenna mast. The chamber is also capable of performing EMI tests per MIL-STD-461, RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-1275, among others. TEMPEST tests per NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92, NACSEM 5112 (NONSTOP) and HIJACK tests are also performed. The large test chamber is capable of testing large vehicles (such as a sheltered HMMWV or other vehicles) and shelters since it has a floor loading capacity of 4000 lb/ft2 and a door opening that is 14 feet high by12 feet wide. The smaller chamber is normally used as a control room, but it can be converted to a reverberation (i.e. mode-stirred) chamber for high-level radiated susceptibility tests (>200 Volts/meter). Shielding effectiveness, filter performance, ESD, power quality and power disturbance measurements are also performed in the facility.

Test Facility Layout

Responsive Testing, Even in the Field

Even large electronic systems in the field, such as airplanes, helicopters, or buildings, are within reach of our mobile testing laboratory. Our test vehicle carries the equipment needed to test and certify equipment, enclosures, and facilities to EMI/EMC and TEMPEST standards. We have extensive expertise in Red/Black installations and TEMPEST tests.

EMI/EMC, Capabilities and Facilities

FAA EMC Safety of Flight

Component/Subsystem-level Compliance
Commercial Testing
FCC (Part 15 and Part 68)
European (IEC and EN) standards

EMI/EMC, Capabilities and Facilities

Covering the frequency range from DC to 40 Gigahertz (higher frequencies are possible), our test equipment includes EMI and TEMPEST receivers, signal generators, amplifiers, antennas, surge generators, spike generators, power-line disturbance analyzers, and oscilloscopes. TEMPEST instrumentation includes the AEL ATTR TEMPEST test receiving system (100 Hz to 18 GHz frequency coverage with 40 Hz to 200 MHz bandwidths) that uses the AEL TS-100 test software for automated measurements, the Electro-Metrics NTR-51B nontunable test receiver, and the Honeywell PTD/PAD/BAG TEMPEST test set. Our engineers are also experienced in the performance of NONSTOP TEMPEST. EMI receiver instrumentation includes two HP8566B spectrum analyzers (100 Hz to 40 GHz with available frequency extension hardware) with pre-selector. Susceptibility tests are performed with a large collection of power amplifiers (more than 100 Watts from 30 Hz to over 4 GHz, more than 10 Watts from 4 GHz to 18 GHz, and 1 Watt from 18 GHz to 40 GHz), signal generators, transient generators, RF current probes, and antennas. EMI tests use Quantum-Change TILE software for automated emissions and susceptibility tests.

EMI/EMC, Capabilities and Facilities

EMC/TEMPEST Test Vehicle in action.

Documentation and Problem Solving

Our service doesn't stop with testing. We can provide design services related to circuit cards, modules, chassis, and systems of all kinds. We can provide full documentation, including control plans, design guides, test plans, test procedures, detection and facility certifications, and formal test reports. If tests indicate non-compliance with requirements, our experienced engineers can assist in identifying and fixing the problem. Of course, we recommend that our engineers be involved early in the design stage to avoid expensive retrofits and re-certification tests. Our EMC engineers are experts not only in EMC and TEMPEST design, analysis, and testing, but also in compliance with government regulations and specifications.

Civilian and Commercial Test Services
The same expertise that the U.S. Department of Defense relies on is also available to other defense companies and to commercial firms. Before full production, commercial equipment manufacturers can verify compliance with applicable regulations (FCC, EN, IEC, etc.). Financial institutions can ensure that electronic fund transfers are safe from theft, and hospitals can ensure that medical equipment is not disrupted by extraneous signals.

Summary of Capabilities and Specifications
Laboratory Test Equipment and Facilities
Computer-controlled TEMPEST and EMI emissions and susceptibility/immunity systems
Conduction and radiation sensors
Signal generators and amplifiers
Surge and Transient Generators
Power line disturbance analyzers
2 chambers (3rd one under construction)
Platform/System-level Compliance



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