Dielectric Materials
Insulation Resistance
Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can destroy sensitive integrated circuits in instruments that are not properly protected. ESD is a common factor in everyday life, since even movement on a carpet can generate significant voltages, which can damage equipment. Let us test your products or components to see how well they stand up to ESD.

Are your High power systems breaking down prematurely? We have portable IR Thermography systems which can locate hot spots which potentially can cause problems.

Need insulation materials tested?
We perform bulk and surface resistivity tests to a number of standards.

Need conductivity test done on bulk materials such as buss bars?

Our Electrical Testing group can check your products or materials to determine a number of electrical properties. In combination with our environmental testing lab, we can determine resistance to various environments and determine functionality after these tests have been performed.


During 100 kV AC breakdown test

Insulation Treeing in a polymer material.


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