Bring us your requirements. We can develop the best matrix of candidate materials to perform in your application. We can subject these candidate materials (perhaps coupled with candidate designs) to extreme environments in order to ascertain lifetime characteristics in a relatively short period of time. All testing and analysis will be proprietary to your organization.

Composite materials is rapidly becoming an MTL specialty. MTL has hand lay-up and autoclave capabilities to assist you with your program needs. We can also arrange for filament winding and low temperature storage if required. Sample prep is accomplished in our full machine shop. MTL has two lathes, two milling machines, two drill presses, two band saws, as well as grinding and routing (tensilecut) capabilities.


MTL performs self-funded R&D on materials and processes, which may have wide market applications. Our business plan calls for us the periodically spin-off companies to take advantage of the IP we develop. The first example of our business plan in action is TRUOX Inc. Click the link below for more information:


MTL has a Cooperative Research And Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Defense Micro-Electronics Agency (DMEA). Outside companies are welcome to join us in pursuing joint R&D through this agreement. For more information click the link below:


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