We’ve added LHe temperature tensile and immersion testing due to increasing customer demand! MTL has always done LN temperature testing however companies are pushing materials to perform in even more extreme environments. As a result, we’ve engineered the capability to perform tensile testing under Liquid He. Our 5 liter dewar has a double vacuum insulation (<1 mTorr) with an LN jacket in between vacuum layers. The wide 3” mouth allows us to lower LN pre-cooled samples, or our proprietary tensile testing extension, into the LHe.

We’ve also begun the permitting process to allow LOX immersion testing in early 2004. These test capabilities are virtually unavailable from other independent testing laboratories. We are hopeful these new capabilities will allow us to become one of the premier testing laboratories for aerospace materials applications testing.

The white LHe “exhaust flame” from our dewar being filled prior to repeated LHe immersion testing of composite coupons (below).

We are considering the addition of an off-site Liquid Hydrogen testing facility. Call us with your requirements and we can talk!


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