10,600 ft., 150 ft. Wide Runway - Full Instrument Approach McClellan Park runway opened up as a public airfield October 1, 2000. This is a core amenity which enables direct convenient for tenants, specialty services and general aviation use.

Hours of Operation:
McClellan Airfield Operation facility is attended, Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:30, (916) 643-5611. After hours (916) 286-5000 weekends and holidays on 24hr. Notice.

Latitude 38' 40'03" N.
Longitude 121' 24' 02" W.

Traffic Advisory:
McClellan Park Airfield is an uncontrolled airfield (No Tower), in Class E Airspace. The Airport is approved for day and night use. Pilots of aircraft arriving, departing, or operating within 10 nautical miles of McClellan Park Airfield should make a standard Common Traffic Advisory Frequency broadcast on 122.85 MHz.

Sacramento Approach: 119.1 Rancho Murrieta FSS: 122.05 / 122.3

Physical Features:
The physical length of the runway is 10,600 feet, 150 feet wide, has non-standard lights depicting that it is 200 feet wide. The south safety area is 1,270 feet long. The north safety area is 1,125 feet long. Lighted runway distance markers are located 75 feet from the edge of the pavement, depicting distance remaining in thousands of feet.

Designated Traffic pattern is as follows:
Left Traffic RWY 34
Right Traffic RWY 16
Calm Wind RWY 16
1000 Feet AGL

Want to stay at McClellan Park?
Visit this site for information: http://www.mcclellanpark.com/Amenities.html

Or give us a call and we can send additional choices.

McClellan Aviation Museum

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For information or to e-mail an RFQ:

Visitors will find us in Sacramento, CA. On most maps we are still listed as McClellan AFB. Enter the Peacekeeper Gate off of Watt Ave. Just inside the gate is a stoplight, which is Arnold (Like our Governor) Ave. Turn left onto Arnold and proceed to the first stop sign. Go straight through the stop sign (after stopping) and we are the first building on the left
Want to fly in?:
Call us when you land and we'll pick you up!

3028 Peacekeeper Way McClellan Park, CA 95652 (916) 643-5611 / Fax (916) 643-5616


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